Let`s try the "HIRONOBA" exercise!
Just exercise 5 minutes a day will help you get healthy!
The journey of getting fit and healthy that starts with the feet
The journey of getting fit and healthy that starts with the feet

It has plagued you for years.
Knee pain, back pain, and hip pain are
Could "toe" be the cause?

What is the official website of Hironoba Gymnastics?

For the bright future of the next generation of children
Achieve health care cost containment

Let's do "prevention" and "health promotion" on a regular basis.
By changing to the awareness that,
This can significantly reduce medical costs.

If only we could protect the people's wealth, the health care coffers,
Creating a future where those who need it can receive the medical care they need,
We can create a happy world for the next generation of children.

With HIRONOBA gymnastics and YOSHIRO SOCKS
Able to stand and walk on their own feet again
and deliver this miracle to people around the world,

Such as represented by the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals),
With a desire to solve social security issues
I run this site.

Treatment that does not rely on surgery

No matter where you go or what kind of treatment you receive, it does not improve, and the hospital told you that surgery is the only way. We will work with you to improve the symptoms of all kinds of orthopedic disorders in a way that does not rely on surgery.

Low-burden treatment for the body

Because we take a "cause" approach rather than a "result" approach, we do not require supporters or taping, and our low-impact treatment method improves the symptoms of all orthopedic conditions.

No need for hospital visits

Symptoms of all orthopedic diseases can be easily cured at home. It has been developed based on the treatment results of 60,000 cases, and is being researched jointly with the University of Tokyo as a scientific treatment that does not cause regression.

Features of the official Hironoba Gymnastics website

Anytime, anywhere, easily. You can treat the symptoms of any orthopedic disease using your skimming time.

Point 1

Reliable prices that are easy to continue

Hironoba exercises can be performed free of charge. If you still do not see the improvement you want, try corrective socks (YOSHIRO SOCKS) or corrective shoes (set with insoles) developed by Keiro Yuasa.

Point 2

Minimum same-day treatment possible

No more long waits for hospital visits, pharmacy prescriptions, or surgeries. You can start treatment at home or any other place and time of your choice.

Point 3

No hospital visit required

You no longer need to go all the way to the hospital. As long as you have an Internet connection and a device such as a smartphone or PC, you can start treatment at home or wherever you like.

For those suffering from plastic diseases.
If the patient does not improve with Hironoba exercises, go to the next step.

Hironoba Exercise once a day for 5 minutes!

Pain and numbness from many orthopedic conditions improve within 4 weeks in more than 80% of people who perform the Hironoba exercises. If you are unable to do the exercises yourself, having someone else help you can also be effective.


YOSHIRO SOCKS, when used in conjunction with HIRONOVA Exercises, rapidly improves toe deformities. Posture improves, and 96% of patients' symptoms are improved for all orthopedic conditions. For those who cannot wear them during the day, they are also effective when worn at home and when sleeping.

Try on the orthopedic shoes developed by Keiro Yuasa!

Shoes, insoles, and socks are the cause of all orthopedic disorders, and if STEP 1 and 2 do not solve the problem, the problem is most likely with the shoes you are currently wearing. The shoes developed by Keiro Yuasa employ a patented insole technology that puts your feet and posture in a neutral position.

He will be treated directly by Keiro Yuasa!

If you do not improve after STEP1~3, or if you have an urgent need, or if you would like to have Keiro Yuasa treat you directly, please feel free to contact us at any time. We will provide treatment that will give you hope and courage, no matter how hopeless your symptoms may be.

Simple, yet highly functional

Here.Just put them on.
Muscles needed to improve orthopedic conditions can be strengthened.


Outstanding functionality and scientific evidence,
Continuous easy-to-use supporter socks

Introduced "state-of-the-art fiber

YOSHIRO SOCKS began with Keiro Yuasa's research on toes after his wife's O-legs were improved. In 2008, he learned to design and manufacture socks by self-study and diving into factories to improve toe deformities, and the initial model was launched in 2010. After repeated trial and error, he decided to apply his 17 years of knowledge and skills as a physical therapist to manufacturing. 2018, SMS (Shape Memory Socks = YOSHIRO SOCKS) was completed. 2018 release to orthopedic diseases by introducing cutting-edge fibers.full supportThe company is a member of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS), a non-profit organization,
Since then, we have continued to make improvements day by day.

Keep developing. 15counter for years (following a number in the hito-futa-mi counting system) will be.

We put all the know-how we have accumulated over the years,
YOSHIRO SOCKS' unique technology, carefully considered down to the smallest detailis added.
Its comfort, functionality, and evidence are overwhelming, and it is a product that has been studied and researched.

Even without the necessary knowledge and skills in orthopedic diseases,
Just by wearing YOSHIRO SOCKS, you can strengthen the muscles necessary for all kinds of orthopedic diseases,
There is no need to spend time going to the hospital for treatment.

Daringly restrained to ankle type length,
Reduces pressure on the foot and allows you to concentrate on correcting the big toeWe have also devised a way to make it so.
The meticulous design supports the treatment of orthopedic diseases.

YOSHIRO SOCKS for maximum comfortWe invite you to experience the

It makes sense when you see it! Case Photos

The wonderful thing about YOSHIRO SOCKS is that they do not only open up your toes while you are wearing them, but by wearing them and walking, "the muscles that should be in your feet are exercised, and your big toe will straighten back up even when you are barefoot.Improving deformities such as bunions will help you maintain correct posture and improve all orthopedic diseases caused by poor postureThe following is a list of the most common problems with the

Leave everything to us! // We'll take care of everything!

Case 1

72°→ 28

Case 2

66°→ 30

Case 3

66°→ 30

Case 4

56°→ 32

Case 5

76°→ 56

Case 6

59° to 35

As the toe deformity improves, other symptoms improve.

osteoarthritis of the foot

osteoarthritis of the knee

osteoarthritis of the hip

osteoarthritis of the lumbar spine

herniated disk

spinal canal stenosis


Morton's disease

myofascial lumbar spondylosis

periarthritis of the shoulder

Ligament and meniscus injuries


Osgood's disease

rheumatoid arthritis

slipped disk

ossification of the posterior longitudinal ligament

Only HIRONOBA EXERCISE and YOSHIRO SOCKS can provide tremendous tread strength!

When you stumble or trip while standing or walking, you can prevent yourself from falling by stepping on your toes, because the power and function of the toes are working well. If the toes are not working properly, the person will not be able to step on them and the risk of falling will increase. Standing and walking with poor posture without being able to stand on one's feet can cause excessive stress on the knees and hips, leading to knee pain and lower back pain. HIRONOBA EXERCISE and YOSHIRO SOCKS can improve the ability to stand on one's feet in a surprisingly easy way.

Video interviews with patients treated by Keiro Yuasa

Toe deformityNo. 1 improvement rate!

Strong support for big toe, small toe, and floating toe
State-of-the-art fibers and construction!

Slip resistant

The surface area of the yarn used in these socks reaches several times that of normal surface yarn. As a result, a large frictional force is generated both inside and outside the sock, so that the foot does not slip and floating toes, bent toes, and big toes can be prevented or improved.


The special manufacturing technology and the power of the stretchable fibers are made to fit any toe deformity shape, and the tension of the threads causes the foot to return to its original shape, thereby gently improving toe deformity.


They are more than 9 times sturdier than regular socks. The pass line in general abrasion tests is 500 times or more, and even major brands are tested 1,000 times, but YOSHIRO SOCKS have passed abrasion tests of 9,000 times or more.

not easily moved to tears

Compared to 100% cotton socks, this material absorbs four times as much water and releases moisture. It also has a deodorant effect, so when you put your feet in them, they feel dry and comfortable. Ideal for long-term correction of toe deformities.

*There are many more features than those listed above!

It also not only improves toe deformity,
Pain, numbness and other symptoms of all orthopedic diseaseseven for
We customize it so that it can be improved.

We hope you will experience YOSHIRO SOCKS, which are filled with many detailed innovations and attention to detail.

New Perspectives

NHK Gatten also approved!

It was broadcast on NHK General's "Gatten" as a famous doctor and specialist in curing pain and numbness, as a method that is scientifically based and produces reliable results. He is supported by athletes of all genres, including Olympic athletes, professional baseball players, soccer players, bicycle racers, and track and field athletes.

Collaborative Research at the University of Tokyo

The unique rehabilitation technique developed by Keiro Yuasa has been studied by the University of Tokyo's Graduate School of Medicine, Graduate School of Engineering, and other university-wide organizations involving as many as 16 research departments and institutes from across the university, who have conducted this training on patients with various orthopedic diseases and studied its rehabilitation effects and direct and secondary effects on the diseases. The research is being conducted on the rehabilitative, direct and secondary effects of this training on patients with various orthopedic diseases.

She overcame two ovariectomies and conceived her second child naturally!

HIRONOVA EXERCISE and YOSHIRO SOCKS were born out of a desperate attempt to improve my wife's O-legs. After overcoming bilateral ovarian tumors and two ovarioectomies, she became pregnant naturally with their second child at the age of 39. We hope that this story of how my wife, who was told that pregnancy was impossible, gave birth to a miracle child without fertility treatment will be a beacon of hope for as many people as possible.

Our technology has been featured in many media

Introducing Keiro Yuasa's latest book!

With just five minutes of "toe grabbing," your hips and back will never be bent again!

PHP Publishing

2021 by Keiro Yuasa/author

The outcome is everything.
To a studio that gives dreams and hope

You have been told that the only way to improve your symptoms is to have surgery, or that there is no treatment for your symptoms, even if you have been to a hospital or clinic for rehabilitation. Have you ever felt these kinds of problems? With Hironoba Gymnastics, it is possible to cure all kinds of orthopedic disorders with a PC, tablet, or smartphone.

Strong business alliance partners

In order to constantly enrich our daily lives, we are also engaged in business partnerships with outside companies.

Product development professionals

Launched "Halmek's Shoes," a brand specializing in shoes, andHarmek (Japanese brand of haloperidol)We have entered into a consulting agreement with the "Mere Old Man" to help us in the evolution of the treatment of orthopedic diseases.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the treatment of hallux valgus painful?

It is basically painless, although it can be a little painful depending on the symptoms.

Is it possible to have a condition other than hallux valgus?

In addition to bunions, our clinic is also used by patients with various other conditions such as osteoarthritis of the knee and herniated discs.

Can the big toe be cured because it is genetic?

Although the skeletal structure is inherited, the cause of hallux valgus is mostly environmental factors such as shoe wear and muscle imbalance.

I was told at the hospital that surgery is the only way to improve my pain.

We have non-surgical treatments for severe bunions to improve pain.

I have floating toes, flexed toes, and a high instep. I am particularly concerned about the high instep. Is it still difficult to correct them if I am already an adult?

Correction can be done at any age, although the length of time required for correction depends on the shape and hardness of the foot.

I also have foot pain and want to do something about it. Is there any self-care for high instep that I can do by myself, at least a little?

Basically, try to do "HIRONOBA EXERCISE" for at least 10 minutes every day. When walking, choose appropriate shoes and try walking with "YOSIHRO SOCKS".

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